Advance Basic Course.

Advance Basic Course

Advanced Basic Course" might seem like a bit of a paradox, but it typically refers to a course that delves deeper into the foundational concepts while also introducing more advanced topics. Here's a breakdown of what you might find in such a course, particularly focusing on accounting principles and Tally ERP:

Advanced Accounting Principles:

☛  Accounting Standards and Principles

☛  Accrual Accounting vs. Cash Basis Accounting

☛  Revenue Recognition

☛  Expense Recognition

☛  Accounting for Fixed Assets

☛  Depreciation Methods

☛  Accounting for Intangible Assets

☛  Accounting for Investments

Financial Statements:

☛  Income Statement (Profit and Loss Account)

☛  Balance Sheet

☛  Cash Flow Statement

Financial Analysis and Interpretation

☛  Ratio Analysis

☛  Liquidity Ratios

☛  Solvency Ratios

☛  Profitability Ratios

☛  Activity Ratios

☛  DuPont Analysis

☛  Trend Analysis

☛  Common-Size Analysis

Advanced Tally ERP Operations:

☛  Advanced Voucher Entry Techniques

☛  Multi-Currency Accounting

☛  Handling Imports and Exports

☛  Advanced Inventory Management Techniques

☛  Advanced GST Features (if applicable)

☛  Consolidation of Financial Statements

Financial Management:

☛  Time Value of Money

☛  Capital Budgeting Techniques

☛  Risk and Return Analysis

☛  Working Capital Management

☛  Cash Management

☛  Credit Management

☛  Capital Structure

Certification Preparation (if applicable):

☛  Review of Exam Topics

☛  Practice Tests and Quizzes

☛  Exam Strategies and Tips

☛  Mock Exams